I’m passionate about AI and web/app development. I’ll be putting my coding projects here.

Past Computer Science courses:

Middle school:

  • Intro to Computer Science 2017-2018: Python (basic)
  • Coding Apps and Games 2018-2019: JavaScript (basic)

High School

  • Intro to Computer Science 2019-2020: Java (basic)
  • AP Computer Science 2020-2021: Java (intermediate)
  • Advanced Data Structures, Embedded Systems and Networking (ADEN) 2021-2022: Java (advanced)
  • InspiritAI 2021: Python (AI)
  • specialization on Coursera 2021: Python (AI)

Coding experience:


IDEs: IntelliJ, VS Code

Skills: Java Swing, JavaFX, Data Structures, Embedded Systems, Finite State Machines, Benchmarking Analysis



IDEs: VS Code, Qoom (online)

Skills: Bootstrap, Firebase



IDEs: PyCharm, Jupyter

Skills: Pandas, NumPy, Flask, Learning AI



IDEs: VS Code, Android Studio

Skills: Basic Dart, Firebase


Coding Blog Posts

Hydrangea Hacks: My first hackathon win!

This past weekend, I attended Hydrangea Hacks, a 48-hour hackathon for women and non-binary individuals. My team and I created Coineage, a storytelling game for students to learn about financial literacy. We used Qoom with HTML, CSS (with Bootstrap), and JavaScript to build our website. In the end, we were one of three receivers of…

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Superposition V: My first hackathon

This past weekend, I attended my first hackathon, Superposition V, the largest all-female hackathon in the Bay Area. Because of Covid-19, it was held through Zoom but that did not stop it from being a life-changing experience for me. Everything was well organized from the workshop Zoom links to the Slack server for attendees to…

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