Hydrangea Hacks: My first hackathon win!

This past weekend, I attended Hydrangea Hacks, a 48-hour hackathon for women and non-binary individuals. My team and I created Coineage, a storytelling game for students to learn about financial literacy. We used Qoom with HTML, CSS (with Bootstrap), and JavaScript to build our website. In the end, we were one of three receivers of […]

Lemon cream cheese muffins (testing out this story thing)

I’m not sure how this new story thing is supposed to work and I personally think it’s just weird. Anyways, here are some muffins that I made this week with my sister. They are lemon flavored and have a cream cheese filling with streusel on top. This was my first time making a dessert with […]

Superposition V was held April 9-11, 2021.

Superposition V: My first hackathon

This past weekend, I attended my first hackathon, Superposition V, the largest all-female hackathon in the Bay Area. Because of Covid-19, it was held through Zoom but that did not stop it from being a life-changing experience for me. Everything was well organized from the workshop Zoom links to the Slack server for attendees to […]

Snickerdoodle Cookies

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately with balancing school and extracurriculars so I made a ton of snickerdoodles last weekend. This was actually my first time making them and I used my Thermomix with its preset snickerdoodle recipe. Instead of using cream of tartar, I used lemon juice with a 1:2 ratio between […]


I baked this with my sister (I basically did everything while she stood there watching me). Instead of buying ladyfingers, we made our own using this recipe and they turned out really well (I had some extra after making the tiramisu that my sister and I just ate plain). We made the coffee and liquor […]

Matcha Macarons

I made these last night and they were pretty easy to make. One issue I had was that the macarons didn’t rise the way they were supposed to (it’s supposed to be like a mushroom cap over a circle). This was probably because of how I beat the egg whites. Here is the recipe.

Notion for School

Yesterday, I downloaded notion and I spent hours playing around with it. Notion is an organization app where you can keep notes, to-do lists, wikis, calendars, and basically anything that comes to mind. You can use it online or as an app that you can download for personal use for free on iOS and macOS. […]

AP Calculus BC Quarter 1 Notes

This pdf contains my notes from chapters 2-4 of Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals 6e Stewart which includes limits and derivatives. I also have a lot of work in these notes from the problems in the book.

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