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Yesterday, I downloaded notion and I spent hours playing around with it. Notion is an organization app where you can keep notes, to-do lists, wikis, calendars, and basically anything that comes to mind. You can use it online or as an app that you can download for personal use for free on iOS and macOS. You can also pay for a subscription:

After a little bit of a learning curve, notion is fun to use with all its different pages and clean interface. It works using “blocks” which range from plain text to code and videos (much like WordPress). So far, I have added all of my school classes so I can organize all my notes, assignments, and exams for next year using this template. It comes with individual pages for each of your classes which you can organize your class info (instructor, instructor email, syllabus) as well as your lecture notes. For your lecture notes, you can put them in a table that includes different properties such as dates and tags for the unit the notes are from so you can easily find everything. The box in which your topic is in opens up a page where you can add your notes as well as control all of its properties. You can also insert files like pdfs. Notion doesn’t have a handwritten notes feature so I insert pdfs of my handwritten notes from GoodNotes 5. Here is an example of a class page and my notes (I removed the course syllabus part):

In addition to pages for each of your classes, you can also add your assignments and exams into a table which can be viewed in calendar form (tables, calendars, etc. are databases which can be viewed as any other database). Here is my assignments/exam schedule which is pretty empty since it’s currently holiday break.

And here it is in table form:

You can also include your weekly schedule and any quick to-do items that can be later organized. Here is what the main page looks like with these items:

I think everything looks very well-organized with all the different colors and emojis for each of my classes and I can’t wait to use it for the new semester! Here is the link to my notion page so you can look around.

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